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Destination: Norway in autumn; 5 remarkable and distinctive stays to savour this beautiful season

You may find it hard to believe, but I firmly regard autumn as one of the most delightful seasons. The landscape undergoes a transformative change, preparing for the impending winter, which tends to be quite long here. This creates a unique atmosphere, one that fills me with a touch of melancholy. Nonetheless, the air is imbued with a wonderful scent, and I can indulge in foraging for blueberries and mushrooms. Moreover, the sauna season commences in autumn, a particular joy for an avid sauna enthusiast like myself.

An autumn landscape in Norway
Daniel Schwarz on Unsplash

Additionally, the cultural season kicks off, offering an array of performances, concerts, and more. My enthusiasm is evident, and I am utterly convinced that Norway is at its most splendid during this season and is well worth a visit. Thus, I am eager to introduce you to five enchanting locations across the country, perfect for contemplation, excellent outdoor activities and amazing culinairy experiences as autumn unfolds.

An Intimate Hideaway in the Mountains: Tuddal Høyfjellshotel

Nestled at the foot of one of Southern Norway’s most spectacular mountain formations, this quaint mountain hotel offers a truly romantic retreat. The breathtaking views over forests and a lake make it a splendid place to spend a few nights. The hotel, built entirely of wood, exudes charm, with every stair creaking gently underfoot. The rooms, traditionally decorated, often share the same fairy-tale views as the dining hall. Speaking of which, the multi-course dinner here is a notable event. All guests are invited to dine simultaneously, and the excellent staff ensure a memorable experience with superb service and exquisite dishes. The hotel’s secluded location makes one feel blissfully isolated from the world, and their sauna is a delightful treat on a crisp Sunday morning. This is the place for nature walks, a trip to Gaustatoppen, a sauna visit, and, of course, an exceptional multi-course dinner.

The Rugged Coastal Life: Stokkøya Strandhotell

The sea has an immense allure for us, which makes this unique beach hotel a must-visit. Situated directly on a white sandy beach on an island about two hours’ drive from Trondheim, the hotel offers captivating views over the sea from its restaurant and beach bars. The ever-changing light, clouds, and wind constantly alter the sea’s colour and texture. What makes this place extraordinary is the meticulous attention to detail, from the locally sourced ingredients for breakfast and dinner to the impressive selection of beers, and the accommodations themselves. Choose from ingeniously designed hotel rooms with a small sitting area, fully equipped holiday homes, or even glamping tents. Additionally, there are hot water baths and a sauna right on the beach. This is the place to embrace the rugged coastal life: fishing, kayaking, a sauna or hot tub session, and finally reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to.

Woolly Jumpers and Fine Dining: Hotel Brosundet

Renowned in Norway for its legendary and monumental open fireplace, Hotel Brosundet is housed in a stunning building in the picturesque town of Ålesund. Situated midway up Norway’s coast, Ålesund is an ideal autumn destination, and Hotel Brosundet is the quintessential autumn hotel in Ålesund. They serve an excellent high tea, and intimate concerts are regularly held by the aforementioned fireplace. Brosundet also offers an abundance of fantastic excursions in the spectacular surroundings of Ålesund. Pack a woollen jumper, a raincoat, and some elegant outfits, as the number of excellent restaurants in Ålesund is impressive.

Imagine this: the natural landscape is transforming its colours as you sail from Ålesund to the spectacular Geiranger Fjord. Pure magic. Ålesund, and specifically Hotel Brosundet, serve as an excellent base for this enchanting journey.

The Northern Lights in Full Glory: Wonderinn Arctic

Norway might have caught your eye because of the Northern Lights, and for good reason. I first witnessed this breathtaking natural phenomenon from my own kitchen window. Pouring myself a glass of water, I suddenly saw a sweeping curtain of white-green light dancing above the valley. Turning off the lights, I stood transfixed for ten minutes, gazing at the sky. Autumn is an excellent season to chase this phenomenon, and I have the perfect location for you. Imagine lying in bed with a 180-degree view of the sky and landscape. Even if it’s cloudy or there’s no solar activity, this location remains spectacular (and incredibly romantic, if you wish). Wonderinn Arctic also serves as an excellent base for day trips to Senja and Lofoten. Without hesitation, I can claim this is one of those bucket-list destinations you’ll remember for a lifetime.

King of the Fjords: The Bolder

Lysefjorden attracts for many reasons, not least the famous tourist spots like Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten, but also for its breathtaking landscape. This fjord is marvellous, with some sections being perfectly straight with steep rock walls on either side. The proximity to the open sea makes the weather a significant factor in how you experience the surroundings. The light here is often magnificent, especially in autumn when the landscape becomes more rugged. At The Bolder, you can fully appreciate all the beauty Norway offers in this season. The architecturally designed cabins are equipped with all the comforts, making it feel like a retreat and home when you return from a splendid hike to Preikestolen.


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