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During my youthful days, I found myself invariably entranced by the allure of all things situated to the north of my position. The evidence of this captivation lies within the pages of my timeworn 1999 atlas, where the sections dedicated to the cartography of Scandinavia exhibit conspicuous signs of wear and tear. In those earlier years, the precise rationale behind this wear eluded me. It wasn't until subsequent years that I came to comprehend the underlying cause. A selection of music I adored, cherished literary works, and architectonic marvels that seized my attention all hailed from the north. 

The chronicle of my relationship with this northern expanse took a definitive turn in 2006 when I embarked upon an exchange trip to Norway. It was during this juncture that I was officially captured by the country's charms. However, a decade would pass before I would take up residence within its borders. Presently, I have dwelt within these confines for a span of approximately eight years, and my devotion to this nation has remained steadfast and unwavering. Recognizing the opportune moment, I considered it imperative to share a portion of this profound affection to those contemplating to come and visit Norway.

On my blog titled 'Ha det Mamma' ('Bye, mother' in Norwegian) I endeavor to articulate the multitude of extraordinary experiences that I had over the years. These accounts span from awe-inspiring treks and indelible dinners to epicurean delights and unforgettable encounters with both humans and animals alike. Furthermore, I proffer pragmatic tips and advice that I dearly wished to have possessed in my earlier days. In essence, my intention is to furnish comprehensive guidance for your visit to Norway, ensuring that it blossoms into an indelible chapter destined to be cherished and remembered throughout your lifespan.

The demeanor of my articles is somewhat bare, for I decided to leave the words to do the talking. No reels, no shiny imagery. Just words. 


May your time spent in Norway be amazing, and I hope my articles were of some help. 

With utmost sincerity,


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