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Destination: bootleggers island; the most joyful place near Trondheim

Jamaica, Madeira, and Stokkøya have at least one thing in common. They are all islands. And that's where the comparison pretty much ends. Stokkøya falls into an entirely different category, thanks to the allure of a unique beach hotel that does not really have an equal in Norway. This place exudes an unparalleled sense of joy de vivre. The rooms and common areas are adorned with cheerful décor, which evidently attracts an equally vibrant clientele. And I guess that must come from somewhere.

The cheerfulness dates back even further. Right after Norway gained independence, the country experienced a prohibition era, fueling a lively smuggling trade. It was the fishermen who excelled at evading the customs officers and sneaking significant amounts of alcohol. The story goes that one of these fishermen stumbled upon a stash of cans in Stokkøya that were meant for someone else but were never collected. In those days, this find was probably worth a small fortune. However, instead of selling the alcohol, the fisherman decided to invite comrades, fellow fishermen, and islanders to a party. It must have taken a while before that stockpile was entirely consumed, but one thing is for certain – not a single penny was earned from the discovery.

Perhaps this captures the essence of Stokkøya and its vibrant community, or at least that of the hotel and its residents. Htis must be the most joyful island near Trondheim, if not in the entire country! wholeheartedly wish to share a piece of that merriment with you. Book (at least 3) nights here and revel in the beach, the people, and the wild and rugged surroundings. Indulge in the contagious spirit of joy and perhaps not ever leave the island, at least not mentally!

**Getting there: it is most likely you'll arrive at Trondheim Airport (TRD). Public transport really takes forever, so it is most wise to reserve a car in advance. Since Norway has one of the best fast-charging networks in the world, I would advise you to rent an electric car. Better for the environment, cheaper to charge and it gets you everywhere. Check here for availability.


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