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Destination: a Norwegian getaway; my top-5

Since the internet loves lists, I won't refrain from serving you one as well. But first, let me briefly define how I prefer to define a 'getaway.' For me, a getaway is a stay in a unique location, far away from noise, hassle, and large crowds. Preferably in nature and in stark contrast to the environment I encounter on a day-to-day basis. In my case, that's not too difficult. I spend 8-9 hours behind two large screens in a dull office in Oslo everyday.

A Norwegian cabin in a landscape

What you probably also understand is that this list is far from complete, as the number of breathtaking cabins and huts is simply too large. Therefore, I've compiled a list of my 5 favourite Norwegian getaways in different areas, at different price points, and with varying levels of luxury. May they inspire you! Let's set off, in no particular order.

As the name suggests, you have a beautiful view of green (depending on the season) mountain ridges, water features, and the sky. The cabin itself is an architectural masterpiece and is equipped with all conveniences and luxuries. There's a private hot tub and a projector screen so you can watch your favorite Norwegian series from your bed on a big screen. A pantry kitchen, a king-size bed, and a cozy balcony are also part of the facilities. This is where you go for a romantic weekend. And imagine keeping it as a surprise. That scores you a lot of points. From Oslo, you can fly to Sogndal airport in just an hour. From there, it's only a 15-minute drive to Fjord Panorama.

If anything defines a getaway, it's Wonderinn. I'm a bit tired of the influencer culture with overly attractive girls promoting everything, because locations like this don't need that at all. The location itself is spectacular enough. You stay in a cube made of mirrored walls. From the outside, no one sees you, and you have a great view of wide rivers and rolling fields. Furthermore, all the ingredients for a great experience are present: a hot tub, a fire pit, a decent kitchen, and of course, a shower and toilet. Moreover, Wonderinn Delta is only 40 minutes from Oslo (and Oslo airport).

The tiny homes hype took off just after the financial crisis a decade ago. They are now everywhere, including in Norway. Kråen Gård rents one with a fantastic sea view. Kråen Gård is a small farm specializing in the sale of locally produced food. Here, you experience a kind of countryside romanticism that is so uniquely Norwegian. I would like to recommend it to everyone with only a remote sense for adventure. You feel as if you’ve come to the end of the world, one of the most beautiful and calm ‘ends’ that is.

In the midst of one of the most extensive forest areas in Norway are the Pan Treetop Cabins. The award-winning designs have almost become iconic (and you have to be early if you want to spend a few nights here). You camp about 6 meters above the ground and have a magical view of the vast landscape. There's a good chance you'll see a moose walking by from a comfortable height. In fact, these forests can be considered wilderness. Bears live there. Not many, but they do. The Pan Treetop cabins are about a two-hour drive from Oslo airport. Perfect for a long weekend away.

This is a location beyond compare. You may have heard of Lofoten. It is a world-famous island group in the far north of Norway. The rocks rise here as steep points from the ocean. Without exaggeration, wherever you look, the view is spectacular, whatever the season. Holmen Lofoten is actually a hotel, but due to its spectacular location and small scale, it has still earned a spot on my list of getaways. Another reason to settle here for a weekend is the excellent food they serve. Ingredients are almost without exception local and of incredible quality. From Oslo, you can fly to Leksnes airport in just under 3 hours. From there, it's a little over an hour's drive to Holmen.


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