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Destination: a boutique hotel in a storm-weathered paradise; a two-night escape to Austevoll (Norway)

The reason I felt compelled to write an article about Austevoll (Norway) is not coincidental. I first visited it a long time ago and became a little enamored with this charming group of islands. As the emblem of the area suggests, it's all about fishing here. And it has been for a long time. Crab traps are stacked against the wooden boathouses, and here and there, a massive fishing trawler is moored.

The allure of this area is the spectacular landscape. You can kayak, fish, hike, and cycle. That might sound like the island is only populated by people in their fifties and older, but the opposite is true. It buzzes with activity in the summer. Especially in Bekkjarvik, pleasure yachts dock frequently, creating a very lively atmosphere.

A small harbour in Norway

Most tourists can't tear themselves away from the urban life of Bergen. Understandably so. This makes Austevoll and Bekkjarvik, in particular, popular among Norwegians themselves. And they undoubtedly want to keep it that way. But it's too late now. Because not too long ago, a stunning boutique hotel opened here; Beckerwyc House. The name is derived from an old English sea chart where Bekkjarvik is presumably translated to 'Beckerwyc.'

The rooms are incredibly stylish and often have views of the picturesque coastal landscape. When you have a cup of coffee in the lounge, you might think you're in a modern Italian apartment in Milan. But no, you find yourself in a coastal village with just over 500 inhabitants. You'll be slightly confused again in the morning when your breakfast is served in your room. Big city a Norwegian fishing village.

To elevate the whole experience at Beckerwyc in the evening; award-winning chef Ørjan Johannessen cooks up a Michelin-worthy storm at the Mirabelle restaurant. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the Mirabelle restaurant alone is worth traveling to Bekkjarvik for. The culinary journey one is boarding, is of a worldly quality based on the local riches fished up from the sea.

My prediction is that it won't be long before Beckerwyc House and restaurant Mirabelle become a destination in itself because they have that potential. And it's up to you to beat the crowds long ahead.

When on Austevoll, do not forget to visit Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri, the boat and kayak rental


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