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Destination: 4 yoga retreats in Norway amidst stunning surroundings

I confess. The title is a bit of an obvious choice, considering Norway's vastness and a population of only 5 million (and beautiful nature basically everywhere). No wonder most yoga retreats are situated in breathtaking locations. In this post, I'll take you through yoga retreats in Norway, each with its own character and identity. Allow me to introduce: Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotel, Meretes Garden, Attme Have, and Venabu.

A person doing yoga in Norway


It's no coincidence that I start with Nøsen Yoga and Fjellhotel. That's because I know the area where the hotel is located very well. Countless hikes and cross-country skiing afternoons in the area have left me somewhat biased towards the location. Valdres, as a region, is magical and diverse. Vast forests, marshlands, and impressive mountain ridges give this area a mysterious feel in any season. Nøsen has become a bit of an epicenter for the Norwegian yoga scene. The facilities are excellent, and there are numerous opportunities for organizing yoga events. They also have a well-filled calendar with various yoga-related activities throughout the year.


In the heart of one of the most spectacular areas of Norway lies Meretes Garden. You may have heard of Trollstigen or the Juvet Landskaps Hotel; they are all a stone's throw away. Merete has done it wonderfully; a huge greenhouse converted into a serene place where a large group can practice yoga. Accommodations are in beautiful glamping tents. And of course, there's that stunning rural setting with minimal distractions, allowing you to focus excellently on body and mind. This place is almost too good to be true, but it is true.


It was challenging to determine if Attme Have is the world's northernmost yoga retreat. It could very well be because it is quite far above the Arctic Circle. As the name suggests, this yoga location is right by the sea. Not long ago, Leikny and Tom Edvardsen started their retreat, and it has since become a destination in itself. In addition to yoga classes and courses, you can thoroughly enjoy the breathtaking nature of Northern Norway here. Recently, you can stay in Aurora cabins. From your bed, you have a beautiful view of the sea, mountains, and sky (and the northern lights if you're here during the dark months). Additionally, Senja is not far away, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful islands in Norway.


In the shadow of the beautiful Rondane area, you'll find Venabu. And something special is happening here. Because here, you can combine yoga and horseback riding. It's more natural than it sounds. Whether you're an experienced or a novice rider, you connect with the beautiful surroundings in a unique way. When you return after a few hours of riding, it's delightful to start a yoga class with a cleared mind. Venabu also offers Tai Chi and Qi Cong. If you want to send both your body and mind on vacation, this is the place. Are you running any yoga activities in Norway yourself? Let me know!


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