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Stay: the hotel in Oslo that isn’t a hotel, but is still a hotel but also isn’t; Numa Stays

Close to the heart of Oslo (or close to the royal heart of Oslo at least) there exists a unique kind of lodging that defies convention. Numa Stays Oslo. It's not your typical hotel, yet it embodies the essence of one, all while remaining remarkably budget-friendly. Join me as we dellllllllve into this intriguing concept.

It may seem as though I've gone to great lengths to craft a title that's as complex as can be, and indeed, that's true. However, it was the only way to describe the hotel I'm about to discuss in this post. And here's why. I've become rather selective when it comes to accommodation. While I occasionally opt for hotels for sheer convenience, my inclination has shifted towards a different preference. What I truly desire is a comfortable bed, a clean room, and the flexibility to make my own choices. To some extent, Airbnb fulfils these desires, but all too often, it comes with host-related hassles and uncertainties about room conditions. Moreover, there's the matter of breakfast – a pivotal aspect of my travels. It's not that continental hotel breakfasts aren't good; it's just that I firmly believe that food plays an indispensable role in shaping one's experience of a destination. I yearn to sample a myriad of flavors, being a devoted enthusiast of delectable bread and dainty treats. Therefore, my ideal morning involves venturing out for breakfast and a cup of coffee at a place that resonates with me. And that's precisely what you can do excellently in Oslo – curate your own breakfast experience.

If you share my sentiments, then I have an exceptional recommendation for you: Numa Stays. The affordable hotel concept is elegantly simple – self-check-in via a mobile app, generously spacious and tastefully designed studio’s, and an ambiance free from the clamor of fellow hotel guests. These 'hotel' rooms are discreetly scattered throughout the city, though they typically find their home in some of Oslo's most distinguished neighbourhoods. This is a noteworthy feat, considering that square meter prices in these areas are often exorbitant, making it challenging to establish a any viable hotel of any kind. For instance, in Oslo's Urianienborg, you can find studios for approximately 160 euros / dollars / whatever coin you use per night, a bargain considering this is one of the city's most sophisticated districts, housing numerous embassies and showcasing an impressive array of street-parked Porsches.

It's important to note that the appeal of Numa Stays extends beyond the luxurious neighbourhoods. These areas offer serene nights, as well as a plethora of charming local and off-the-beaten-path restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. Before we conclude, allow me to recommend the best-situated studio – one that lies in close proximity to the Royal Palace, within walking distance of the city centre and Majorstuen. You can book your Numa Stay here. Oh and one more thing, pets are allowed! So bring your furry, scaly or feathery friend if you please.

After you've woken up wonderfully in your Numa hotel, it's time for a fantastic breakfast. You find yourself in the heart of one of the capital's most elegant neighborhoods. Surrounded by stately townhouses and beautiful apartment buildings from the late 19th century, you can stroll to Oslo Raw in less than 5 minutes. You can confidently consider this one of the best places in Oslo for breakfast. And, as you might imagine, most mere mortals have their breakfast at home. Therefore, it won't surprise you that the clientele here is, well, quite unique. It's mostly young people, dressed in expensive attire, who somehow manage to look like they've just returned from a holiday all year round. But don't let superficial appearances distract you. You're here for a good breakfast. Oslo Raw opens its doors at 9 AM on weekdays and 10 AM on weekends. They pull out all the stops, serving everything from oatmeal to turmeric lattes and chaga hot cocoa. This establishment offers delectable vegan and predominantly healthy fare, making it perfect for those seeking a nutritious start to their day. On the menu, you'll find acai bowls, coconut yogurt, wraps, avocado toast, and Belgian waffles. Do indulge in a smoothie and a "savory waffle" featuring beet hummus, avocado, and pickled red onion – an exquisite treat.

Here are a few more recommendations within walking distance if you're staying in Frogner or Uranienborg:

  1. The most renowned park in Oslo: Frogner Parken.

  2. A lengthy shopping street boasting numerous charming boutiques: Bogstadveien.

  3. An exceptional wine bar and an equally outstanding restaurant: Cru.

  4. The bar at Hotel Sommerro. There's often live jazzzzzzzzzz there.


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