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Stay: when a musician sets the tone; The Arctic Hideaway

When you pour the thoughts and dreams of a musician (Håvard Lund), the conceptual and architectural vision of a pair of architects, Rintala and Eggertson, and a cluster of abandoned small islands into a tumbler glass, add a cube of ice, and gently stir, something extraordinary must surely emerge.

And so it happened.

I don't know much beyond what can be gleaned from the written word, for I was not there. But I can imagine that this is roughly what transpired. A group of creative souls gathered around a kitchen table, sketching ideas with pencils under a bright lamp. The exact details of the process and those present are somewhat inconsequential. The fact remains that you can visit this place, stay there, and it is undoubtedly the most desolate experience you will encounter in this magnificent country; The Arctic Hideaway. The seven small buildings were conceived and designed by architecture students.

To reach this destination, you must first embark on a ferry ride, venturing so far that you truly feel transported to another world. Hence, I wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone who has toiled relentlessly in recent years and yearns for a slower heartbeat.

The cottages are modern, yet somewhat simple. This means that, among other things, if you need to use the restroom at night, you have to walk to the main building. But who cares? It suits the nature of this destination.

The Arctic Hide away

What should you bring? Woolen sweaters, regardless of the season. Be prepared for wind and rain. And pack swimwear for the sauna. You can either rent separate cottages or the entire perimeter if you wish a more private stay.

This is a destination that knows no equal. It really doesn’t. Simply marvelous!


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