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Stay: agritourism; Norway as a champion of extraordinary farm stays.

If you possess even a modicum of knowledge about Norway, it will come as no surprise that Norway has been an agricultural society for nearly a thousand years. Let's set aside, for the moment, the significance of fishing. The country is truly adorned with (former) farms. As urbanization and prosperity increased, the number of farmers able to sustain the farming life diminished. Faced with significant competition from abroad, the country began to transform gradually.

To cut a long story short, due to the decline of small farming operations, agritourism in Norway has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade. In fact, I dare say that Norway has emerged as an absolute champion in the realm of farm stays. The level of creativity exhibited by Norwegians in transforming former farms into holiday paradises is nothing short of impressive.

A farm in Norway surrounded by mountains

In this piece, I wish to inspire and encourage you to book at least one, preferably several, of these accommodations during your travels through Norway. I am convinced that this adds a unique dimension to your journey that cannot be found in any hotel. Certainly, there are hundreds of farm stays to choose from. To simplify matters, I have selected the most exceptional and unique ones (in my own humble opinion). In fact, I've compiled a top 5, a decision that might incur the displeasure of the rest of the country. Nevertheless, I'll take that risk for now. If need be, I may write another article later. Here we go, in no particular order:

  1. The epitome of rural romance seems to have been recently reinvented by Steinar and Yngve at Åmot. Åmot is the name of an ancient farmhouse that has been in the family for over a century. It has been transformed into a marvel of aesthetics, hospitality, and romance. Everything here is tasteful, from the décor and colors to the presented cuisine, not to mention the impeccable attire of the hosts. The attention to detail at Åmot influences the entire experience, leaving you impressed at every moment of your stay. Moreover, Åmot is excellently situated on the west side of Norway, nestled between the Sognefjord and Dalsfjord – an ideal base for exploring the stunning nature of this part of the country. And rest assured, there are still sheep.

  2. During my travels, I often sleep deeply, perhaps due to the plethora of impressions. Occasionally, I wake up not entirely sure of my surroundings. This may happen when you stay at Flatheim. The landscape alone is breathtaking, situated just below the tree line with snow-capped peaks seemingly within reach. Which is no surprise since Flatheim is situated right next to one of Norway's scenic roads; the Gaularfjellet Scenic Road. The rooms at Flatheim are beautifully decorated, evoking a pleasant sense of nostalgia. During summers, they run a charming little café serving homemade bread and pastries. Flatheim has elevated the essence of agritourism to an art form. For those seeking responsible travel, reserving a few nights here is highly recommended.

  3. Who could have dreamed of a Michelin-starred restaurant on a farm a century ago? Perhaps the guests of Boen Gård, as for centuries, elites have frequented the area for fishing in the adjacent river teeming with salmon. It's no surprise that Boen Gård understands hospitality, but what must be emphasized is how they have truly elevated it. As mentioned, the dinner is of unparalleled quality, prepared with mostly local ingredients. The service is equally outstanding. However, what makes it truly remarkable is that you can also stay overnight. This makes it an excellent base for exploring the beautiful southern coast of Norway, and the town of Kristiansand of course. And don't forget to encourage the hosts to share the history of the manor. The stories that emerge are astonishing.

  4. Huser Gård is just under 20 minutes' drive from Oslo Airport. In the rolling landscape, right by the river, it is a rural oasis of tranquility. The farm consists of several buildings – a residence, a barn converted into an event venue with a particularly cozy communal space. What Huser Gård is most famous for is WonderInn. They rent a series of completely different micro-houses: an igloo, a gypsy caravan, and a glass cube. Additionally, there's an amazing sauna right by the river that you can use for free. Last but not least, a herd of alpacas, a couple of ponies, two little pigs, and a troop of chickens. This is the perfect marriage of rural romance and Instagram.

  5. Brimi Sæter is quite an institution, and by that, I mean it's world-famous... in Norway. And for valid reasons. Besides world-class hospitality, there's a cheese factory, and the buildings and outdoor spaces are populated by all kinds of animals. You stay in a manner you couldn't even imagine in your wildest dreams. The attic (låvelofte) is traditionally furnished with a multitude of traditional beds. You wake up, and breakfast is served more or less at your bedside. Absolutely unique in the world and an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the food served is of immense quality, most of it homemade. The farm is situated above 800 meters, meaning you are above the tree line in Norway. From every window, you have an incredible view of the surrounding mountains. And the spectacular Jotunheimen is within close reach.

I trust that this list has managed to inspire you. In fact, I sincerely hope you visit all the aforementioned destinations, as each possesses its own distinctive character and is situated in diverse locations across the country, each with its unique charm. If you happen to peruse my article on the most spectacular roads in Norway as well, your holiday can't help but be a resounding success.


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