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Stay: a medieval tavern for pilgrims in Gudbrandsdalen

When driving along the Kingsroad through Gudbrandsdalen, it's difficult not to succumb to a kind of gently sweet daydream about rural romance. That sentiment is both justified and unjustified. Life was once impoverished and harsh around here, with agriculture and forestry as the only modest economic activities.

But times have changed. Especially in the summer, the landscape takes on a picturesque charm. The association with romance and nostalgia is now fitting. Particularly when you turn right or left (depending on the direction of travel) and make your way down the long driveway to Sygard Grytting.

This is one of Norway's oldest surviving farms, with a history that reaches deep into the Middle Ages. It was the place where pilgrims traveling from Oslo to Trondheim could find lodging. And so can we, although our purpose may be slightly less noble nowadays.

I believe this is your only opportunity in Norway to spend the night in a medieval inn.

Additionally, traditional food is served here. If you're not yet convinced, take a look and book your stay. I promise you won't regret it.

Have you spent all your money on great food from 'gårdsbutikker'? Then consider a slightly more affordable stay in an Arctic Dome. But do pay a visit to Sygard Grytting anyway. **Getting there: it is most likely you'll arrive either at Oslo Airport (OSL). Public transport really takes forever to get you there, so it is most wise to reserve a car in advance. Since Norway has one of the best fast-charging networks in the world, I would advise you to rent an electric car. Better for the environment, cheaper to charge and it gets you everywhere. Check here for availability.


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