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Read: No, I'm not the only one; 4 more blogs about Norway

Although I would like to believe it, I am not the sole blogger writing about Norway. And that is not surprising. There is quite a lot to tell about this magnificent country; the landscapes, culture, history, food and so on. At first glance, Norway may seem like a rather homogeneous society but significant differences exist among all the various regions.

A blogger in Norway

In the southern part of the country, close to the Bible Belt, one might strongly adhere to the motto 'in God we trust,' whereas in the north of Norway, 'in cod we trust' gives a good impression of how people feel about the (state) church and the general mindset up north. And then there's the enormous variety in landscapes. The lush forests of the south and the appealing coastal inlets, the alpine terrain of Jotunheimen and the tundra's of the north. And all these nuances and differences causes an endless flow of inspiration for me to write down everything I find so magnificent about living here.

Anyway, I digress a bit. The reason for this article is actually to elevate the diversity of blogs focusing their attention on Norway to a pedestal. Feedspot has already helped with that by compiling a list of 15 blogs that are worth mentioning for their relevance and originality. A fun fact; HA DET MAMMA is found in fourth place.

Of course, that's not the point, but the internet loves lists, and I am no exception. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to present to you my favorite blogs about Norway. In fact, as a relative newcomer in this world, I do look up a bit to these diligent individuals.

  1. For answers to all your questions (including the most frequently asked ones according to Google), turn to Norway with Pål

2. Highly organized and an excellent series of travel and accommodation tips

3. of my favorites, and a topic that hardly gets covered on HADETMAMMA; social codes in Norwegian society. Very entertaining to read; the social guidebook

4. And finally, a guilty pleasure; recipes for excellent saffron buns, traditional Scandinavian fare, and fantastic sandwiches. Moreover, the tasteful photography will make your mouth water! Have a look!

Moreover, I am naturally quite curious about you. Are you also a blogger, and do you write about Norway? Do inform me. It would be delightful to exchange thoughts sometime. Find me on the socials!


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