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Eat: in the spirit of Jeff Koons; the best dumplings in Norway

Setting aside the fact that I never truly embraced full adulthood, one could roughly pinpoint my entrance into maturity somewhere around the mid-first decade of the new century. It was likely during that period that the premises, which now houses Norway's best dumpling restaurant, must have served an entirely different purpose. Reflecting on the past, I vividly recall my initial visit to this establishment years ago on a freezing February evening, and I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by a gentle wave of nostalgia. The ambiance struck me as a peculiar blend, reminiscent of both a social room in a carehome for the elderly and a classroom from the late '90s.

A city in Norway

Golden Chimp is situated on a corner of two streets within the district of Grønland. Grønland stands as Oslo's most "international" neighborhood, where the rich diversity of ethnicities subtly echoes all the armed conflicts of the past four decades. Personally, I find comfort in such areas, although I understand that the sentiment might not be shared by everyone. But I wonder off. I was contemplating and describing the interior of the venue.

The walls are sparingly adorned with kitschy artifacts, peculiar images, and an occasional odd primate. And this brings me to the name: Golden Chimp. I'm uncertain of its origins, yet it brought to mind that (deeply ugly yet perhaps trailblazing) artwork by Jeff Koons, featuring the likeness of Michael Jackson and that peculiar little ape, which you can find at the Astrup Fearnley Museet here in Oslo.

Nevertheless, the reason for my current reflections revolves around the fact that I have never savored such delectable and extraordinary dumplings before, and likely never will again. I would say these are the best in Oslo, if not in Norway. The ingredients they use are of exceptional quality, and their ability to surprise and delight knows no bounds, all the while staying firmly within the parameters of what I would describe as comforting cuisine.

I would be eager to dine there when returning home and realizing the fridge is entirely bare. I would bring my Tinder date here, and the next. Your parents would probably love it. When in need to nurse your Sunday-afternoon hangover; Golden Chimp. When life feels overwhelming in general; Golden Chimp. If suddenly your Korean in-laws would happen to suddenly grace your doorstep and you're a terrible cook; Golden Chimp. When solitude calls and everything and everyone else can take a back seat, this is the perfect spot to relish your own solemn company.


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