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Drink: A guide to the best cup of coffee in Oslo, according to me

Allow me to begin by stating that Oslo is a veritable haven for coffee aficionados (and, naturally, for pastry enthusiasts, though that is a topic for another day). Thus, I thought it would be delightful to present you with a list of recommendations for places that I believe serve the best coffee in Oslo. Given that debating taste is a futile endeavour, I shall limit myself to venues that have truly charmed me and where you can procure excellent coffee. Let us not complicate matters further. This list is in no particular order, so number one is not necessarily the best (but it is certainly the coziest)!

Initially, I frequented this spot solely in the evenings for an exceptional cocktail or a beer. It was only later that I found myself drifting by during the day. They now boast a slush machine that crafts a splendid tonic and espresso slush. A treat for connoisseurs. Their 'regular' coffee is delightful as well. Moreover, it attracts a fine international clientele alongside the more enigmatic, trendily attired Gen-Zers with intricate tattoos and principled canvas shoulder bags. I must confess a great fondness for mid-century interiors, and Fuglen is a remarkably authentic example of such.

The name alone—Hand-baked—evokes a sense of artisanal excellence. They offer a superb lunch menu and their slow-dripping filter coffee is a masterpiece. This is one of those places that tourists rarely stumble upon, as it is rather discreetly located. A complete injustice, in my opinion. I am quite fond of this part of the city!

A coffee institution named after its founder and absolute coffee champion, Tim Wendelboe. Need I say more? I do not frequent it often, as it is far from my usual weekday routes. However, if you find yourself in Oslo and possess a discerning palate, do visit for a cup of coffee elevated to an art form.

The density of pastel-clad influencer girls here is somewhat high, which I find a bit off-putting. Nonetheless, the cakes, tarts, sandwiches, and coffee served here are of world-class quality. Do not be deterred; settle in for a cup of coffee and marvel at the exceedingly attractive clientele who, for some reason, populate the streets of one of Oslo's most expensive districts.

In terms of quality, Solberg & Hansen are arguably among the finest coffee makers in Oslo. If one could earn a PhD in coffee making, the team at Solberg & Hansen would certainly graduate with honours. Additionally, they are situated right by Mathallen in Oslo, which has become an institution for an unparalleled culinary experience. With numerous stalls offering dishes from around the world, this is an absolute must-visit when you are in Oslo.

Mathallen in Oslo
Photo by Nick Night on Unsplash

The cutest little coffee shop in Oslo. Housed in a former petrol station and transformed into a coffee house following a neighbourhood crowdfunding campaign. The coffee is excellent, but the story behind its establishment is an even more compelling reason to stop by.

A charming spot with self-roasted beans and a particularly cosy back garden where you can enjoy your coffee in typical Oslo surroundings. Possibly the best coffee in the city. Yet, as I mentioned in the introduction, debating taste is a hopeless exercise.

A tiny, adorable coffee and tea house with an excellent selection of superb coffee. Additionally, you can purchase beans to brew your favourite cup at home. It is situated on one of the longest, yet most tourist-unknown, shopping streets. Here you will find a wealth of marvellous shops and boutiques.


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