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Destination: what the kids think; art in Oslo

I have fortunately enjoyed a considerable amount of art education through my studies, which has fostered a natural inclination towards art in various forms of expression. However, it sometimes triggers a strong adverse reaction when I find myself in a gallery contemplating yet another pile of polyurethane foam that purportedly symbolizes the artists challenging childhood in a wealthy Western city. Of course, the numerous museums in Norway are truly worthwhile. Honestly, when in Oslo I implore you to visit the Nasjonal Museet and spend an entire day there.

Nevertheless, to put it all into perspective, the International Museum of Children's Art in Oslo serves as a splendid antidote. The immense collection of (international) works is overwhelming and often deeply moving. Almost daily, I am convinced that we should listen more to children to refine our standards and values.

Embarking on a visit to this remarkable museum is a good starting point, as it is far from childish. It showcases artwork from children worldwide, and there is often a special exhibition dedicated to a current theme. An admission ticket costs a mere 75NOK, so there's no reason to abstain on that account.


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