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Destination: Norway on a shoestring; how to travel on a budget

Scandinavia has an image problem among many visitors, particularly when it comes to expenses. Hence, it seems apropos to impart a few refined suggestions for keeping the costs under control.


In the event of contemplating the rental of a camper or car to traverse the landscapes of Norway, it would be judicious to initially scrutinize the current exchange rate of the Norwegian crown. As of the present writing, it registers modestly in relation to major global currencies. Consequently, opting to procure transportation within Norway often proves more economically prudent.

Nevertheless, a discerning approach to price comparisons is advisable. For instance, one might opt to fly to Gothenburg (SE) and secure a rental car  or campervan there, a choice that frequently yields considerable savings, especially when one plans to travel through Norway for more than a week.

For those planning a sojourn in Oslo, the acquisition of an Oslo pass is a commendable consideration. This pass not only grants unfettered access to the city's public transportation but also extends privileges encompassing the majority of museums, select shops, restaurants, and various cultural performances held within the city, including those at the opera.

In the case of air travel to Norway, diligent inquiry into airports serviced by budget airlines is recommended. Notably, carriers such as Wizzair and Ryanair facilitate direct routes to Oslo TORP.


For those possessing a penchant for adventure akin to my own, the prospect of free camping with a tent may be a tempting proposition. It is noteworthy that Norway, by law, allows camping virtually anywhere. Prudent familiarity with the pertinent regulations is advised of course. Alternatively, the option of effortlessly renting petite caravans presents itself, affording the opportunity to forgo opulent hotels while still enjoying accommodations in the most breathtaking areas. Otherwise, campsites often provide basic rental cabins.

Food & Drink

The realm of sustenance, in particular, is notorious for its potentially exorbitant nature, a phenomenon extending to both my own experiences and those of the average Norwegian. Major supermarkets unveil a section where items on the cusp of expiration are generously discounted. Additionally, the discerning traveler may wish to take note of the Holdbart stores, where products boasting extended shelf lives yet nearing their expiration date are offered at significant markdowns — an ideal solution for those embarking on familial camping escapades. En route in a van or camper, investing in essentials at such establishments is a prudent move.

A grocery shop in Norway

At petrol stations, resist the allure of snacks and sundries, as prices there tend to scale lofty heights. Instead, navigate towards the nearest village for a more indulgent experience, partaking in the delights of cinnamon buns, skoleboller, and hotdogs.

For those undertaking journeys during the balmy summer or early autumn, a delightful encounter with roadside signage and stalls awaits. Frequently peddling fresh fruits, vegetables, or eggs, these makeshift markets present an opportunity to economize, all while imparting an ineffable charm to the gastronomic exploration. It is advisable to keep a modest sum of cash on hand, as these stands often operate on the honor system, allowing patrons to leave remuneration before claiming their selected goods.


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