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Destination: blue-blooded alure in Dalen; a romantic fairytale hotel in Telemark, Norway

Dalen has it all. A baker, a little supermarket, a lawyer, a fire station, and... quite possibly the most beautiful and impressive hotel in Norway; the legendary and historic Dalen Hotel. Of course, this is entirely subjective. But it undeniably exudes allure. In fact, if you have blue blood, there's a chance that one of your European royal or noble ancestors has stayed here before.

When tourism in Telemark began to flourish in the early 19th century, thanks to the famous Telemark Canal among other attractions, there arose a need to provide accommodation in the form of a breathtaking hotel for the European elites. Among them were the last German Emperor Wilhelm, who later spent his final days in exile in the Netherlands, the King of Belgium, and members of Scandinavian royal families who sought leisure here.

Dalen Hotel Norway

What remains now is a hotel with an ambiance and a blue-blooded alure that is unparalleled in Norway. A grand entrance, heavy leather armchairs, and hand-printed wallpaper. The craftsmanship of all the woodwork alone is breathtaking. They have various rooms and suites, all exuding the same stately charm. If it was up to me, I would choose the Dalen Suite. This is by far the most romantic hotel in Telemark, if not in Norway. Perhaps you decide to stay elsewhere, but it's still worth parking the car for a moment and taking a look.

When in Dalen, Vidsyn Mydjås is a fantastic choice too. But be warned, once you're there, you won't want to leave anytime soon. They rent out two breathtaking cottages with amazing views. Additionally, there's a beautiful sauna and a communal area where you can shower and enjoy your breakfast. This is one of those hidden gems that you'll regret not having visited. You can book through AirBnB, but it's better to book directly with them. That way, the owner benefits the most.

If you're on a bit of a limited budget, consider booking your overnight stay at the bed and breakfast in Dalen. The rooms are tidy and clean. Nothing out of the ordinary, just fine!

What also makes Dalen a destination is an architectural masterpiece of a sauna, called the Soria Moria Sauna, designed by Feste. As you sit and sweat, you'll gaze out over the stunning landscape and the vast lake. You can pre-book the sauna for 300 NOK. For that money you can relax for 2 hours with 5 people. It's almost like it's free!

**Getting there: it is most likely you'll arrive from Oslo Airport (OSL). Public transport really takes forever, so it is most wise to reserve a car in advance. Since Norway has one of the best fast-charging networks in the world, I would advise you to rent an electric car. Better for the environment, cheaper to charge and it gets you everywhere. Check here for availability.

**Warning: Avoid the Buøy Camping. A few too many dubious reviews both on Google and Tripadvisor.


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