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Destination: 5 Norwegian weekend getaways within 2 hours from Amsterdam Schiphol airport

After a demanding 50-hour workweek, my paramount aspiration invariably becomes an escape – a break from computer screens and the confines of the cubicle. And not in the last place, away from a city that is 'on' 24/7. The beckoning allure of nature, coupled with indulgence in delectable cuisine, represents for me an excellent approach to relaxation.

The essence lies not solely in distancing oneself from the demands of the workplace but, equally importantly, in disengaging from the pervasive glow of smartphone screens, finding peace in a completely different setting.

Norwegian landscape

In light of this, allow me to present to you five extraordinary Norwegian weekend getaways, effortlessly accessible within 2 hours of flying from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport , where one's pulse instinctively slows. Presented in no particular order:

  1. Kristiansand, though modest in size, unfolds as a haven of cultural richness and unparalleled coziness. Its compactness renders it ideal for a short trip from Amsterdam. Opting for accommodation at Boen Gård, a mere 10-minute drive from the international airport, guarantees a rather extraordinary experience. Boen Gård, with its storied history, houses not only a remarkable Michelin-starred restaurant but also provides opulent lodgings. The enchantment of Boen Gård is hard to describe – maybe that's why I celebrate a pre-Christmas dinner with a group of friends there every year. They just offer superlative service. And Kristiansand itself is really rather charming with it's cute city center and gorgeous coastline. I wrote about Kristiansand before.

  2. Årnes, a name unfamiliar and not essential to remember. Wonderinn, however, should be. Within the Årnes municipality, a mere 25-minute drive from Oslo Airport, the name WonderInn proves an understatement. A realm of enchantment rather than mere wonder, reserving one of its magical minihouses transports guests to an entirely different realm. Cabins adorned with mirrored glass, boasting private bubblebaths by the river, epitomize the very essence of an idyllic escape. A gratuitous sauna, a small herd of alpacas, and a location steeped in magic render the experience almost incredulous, yet indisputably authentic. All year 'round I would say making this one of the best weekend trips from Amsterdam...if one decides to go venture north!

  3. For those yearning for sublime natural beauty, invigorating sea breezes, and sparse human presence, Tjøme emerges as an ideal destination. An exquisite, idyllic island harboring protected natural sanctuaries (Moutmarka for example), a mere 45-minute drive from Sandefjord Airport (Torp), promises accommodation in a charming tiny house nestled amid the trees. A culinary indulgence at Restaurant Verdens Ende unfolds as a refined Norwegian feast. Tønsberg, Norway's oldest city, lies within half an hour's drive, offering an array of delightful shops, cute wooden houses, eateries, and cafes. In clement weather, Lilleskagen beach is the place to be.

  4. In Stavanger, a one-stop-shop for a luxurious weekend getaway unfolds, a mere 20-minute drive from Stavanger Airport. The Eilert Smith Hotel, home to Norway's sole 2-Michelin-star restaurant, Ree-na, stands as an institution in its own right. This boutique hotel epitomizes elegance, boasting sophistication that transcends conventional boundaries. Stavanger, a very charming town along Norway's western coastline, strikes the perfect balance between being sufficiently expansive to captivate for a weekend yet sufficiently intimate to evoke a sense of cosiness. Curious about Stavanger? I wrote about the town previously.

  5. Ålesund, a city of imaginative splendor, captivates not only through its Instagram-worthy views in all directions but also by virtue of an exceptionally high concentration of outstanding restaurants and hotels, rendering it a destination of considerable repute. The airport, a mere 20-minute drive away, sets the stage for an experience at Hotel Brosundet that transcends the ordinary. Beyond the tasteful decor, peerless harbourside location, indulgent spa, and monumental multi-storey fireplace, it is the intimate live concerts in the lobby and the dedicated staff that etch indelible memories. The sheer abundance of remarkable restaurants in Ålesund makes choosing a daunting task, but perhaps a visit to Apotekergata. nr 5 would have my preference.

While a weekend in Norway undeniably is far to short, consider it a tantalizing preview for an extended holiday. A teaser of sorts. Shaking hands with the country for the first time. For exactly that I ardently hope that my recommendations have stirred a sense of inspiration within you.

All destinations as mentioned above are within 2 hours of flying from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It is advisable to reserve a car in advance. You're only here for the weekend, so time is precious. Norway has one of the best fast-charging networks in the world, I would advise you to reserve an electric car. It keeps you going for a weekend.


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