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Clothes: your jacket is your home when visiting Norway; where to buy the best one

In my younger years, I took pride in sailing a small open boat. It was a passion that captivated me for several years. During each summer, I dedicated four full weeks of hard work to cover the expenses for maintenance and mooring. Whenever I had a brief moment of respite, I seized the opportunity to embark on my boat. Time was a precious commodity, which meant I wouldn't let unpredictable weather deter me. It was common for storm warnings to be issued, rain to fall like poetic droplets, or for the wind to remain absent. Yet, these uncertainties didn't faze me; I felt at one with the water. A sense of peaceful wanderlust filled my thoughts, and the essence of freedom was almost palpable. I dressed appropriately, guided by the whispered advice of weather forecasts, and set sail without hesitation.

Now residing in Norway, I frequently rekindle that past euphoria. Regardless of the thermometer plunging to 10 degrees or the raucous cries of stormy skies, even if the landscape is blanketed in cloudiness, my heart yearns to explore the outdoors and relive the liberating sensation akin to my time on the sailboat.

This passion for endless exploration thrives due to the remarkable clothing I possess. There's hardly anything to hinder my adventures, no matter the prevailing conditions. If you're considering a stay in Norway lasting several weeks, being prepared to face a range of weather variations is crucial. While sunny rays and clear skies may fortuitously grace your stay, the opposite is just as likely, with consecutive weeks of clouds and rain. Caution should guard against the intrusion of harsh weather during your visit.

At the forefront of your readiness should be a dependable jacket. Though this might sound obvious, it warrants emphasis, given the number of travellers caught off guard by fickle mountain weather. Five years ago, I bestowed upon myself a great favour by acquiring a high-quality jacket. When I say 'good', I mean a jacket with these key features:

An outer layer that repels wind and moisture, coupled with an insulated inner layer that envelopes you in warmth, retaining your body's heat. Importantly, these two layers must be separable, allowing for adaptability. Hence, in warm rain, you wear the waterproof outer layer; in cold rain, both layers cocoon you. This apparent simplicity holds great significance, for even the simplest hike can subject you to a sudden temperature drop of up to 15 degrees due to weather shifts and altitude changes. As the saying goes, 'four seasons in a day'. This sentiment resonates through my personal experiences.

So, whether your journey involves rustic escapes or urban adventures, ensure such a jacket finds a place in your luggage. Bear in mind that, when you step onto Norwegian soil, your jacket becomes a sanctuary – a reliable bulwark against nature's whims. Allow me to offer guidance on obtaining the ultimate choice. I personally think the best jacket to buy when visiting Norway is one from Norrøna. They are by far the best manufacturers on the market. With a rich legacy in crafting outdoor apparel, this brand hails proudly from the Norwegian landscape, adding an extra layer of charm to their offerings. While it may necessitate a modest financial commitment, ponder the enduring value it will bestow, a companion for the entirety of your lifetime. Regard it as an extension of your home, a cocoon of comfort and protection.


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