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Clothes: bric-a-brac

Recently, I found myself falling from one astonishment to the next in rapid succession. Allow me to recount the experience. I was strolling through 'Løkka,' en route to either drop something off or retrieve it—I can't quite recall. Somewhere in the vicinity of O’Reillys Irish bar, much to my surprise, I beheld a second-hand store that I must have passed by at least 15 times before. This revelation says far more about my own observance than the store itself. I speak from experience. I'm selectively blind.

Upon descending the stairs, I found myself in a sequence of peculiar cellar spaces, each brimming with the most marvelous and eccentric assortment of items imaginable. From sculptures to vintage posters and curious lamps, the collection was nothing short of captivating. Moreover, there was a considerable abundance of peculiar clothing items: overalls, dungarees, and eccentric dresses.

The establishment is run by a Frenchman, and I strongly suspect that he occasionally takes a voyaaaaage to France in his Citroen H, topping off his van with curiosities to astonish guys like myself. Had my home not already been replete with an abundance of bric-a-brac, I would undoubtedly have made a plethora of purchases. God forbid! Keep in mind that you might need to make some space in your suitcase if you decide to indulge in this treasure trove. Check out his store ask: 'ca va?'


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