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Transport: a fast-charged journey; renting an electric car in Norway

I'm slightly embarrassed about the fact that I like cars. I've had this sort of unhealthy fascination ever since I was a kid. In fact, legend has it that my first word was 'car' instead of 'mom' or 'dad'. Later on I could easily distinguish between the sound of a V6 and a V8, and I had almost all brands and models memorized. Up to this day I was never treated for this unhealthy tic.

The connection here is that in Norway, I can still indulge in this passion. Not because of the abundance of V8s driving around, but because the Norwegian market serves as a sort of testing ground for new EV (Electric Vehicle) brands.

To begin with, Tesla is to Norway what Volkswagen is to Germany. Additionally, new brands like NIO and Xpeng are taking their first steps here before conquering the rest of the European EV market. The reason for this is that some time ago, the Norwegian government heavily invested in developing a charging network to electrify the transportation sector, which means that until recently, EVs were heavily subsidized. With a highly developed charging network, range anxiety has become a thing of the past now.

Where it becomes interesting for you is the cost of travel and renting an electric car. Since almost all car rental companies offer electric cars, you can save a considerable amount on the kilometers you travel. And thanks to the excellent network of fast chargers, you can go anywhere without any issues. In fact, almost every petrol station has a charging station. Moreover, in some municipalities, you can park for free.

Especially if you want to explore the beautiful and spectacular routes at your own pace, an electric car is the best option. However, it's important to reserve one well in advance. Particularly at slightly smaller airports, the availability can be a bit limited. In the months of June, July, and August, the supply is even more limited due to the huge influx of tourists.

So I would recommend that, once you have a rough idea of when you'll be coming to Norway, you just reserve one right away. The EV's usually rent out long before petrol cars.

Keep in mind that NOT all airports have car rental services. But these are the ones that do:

Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL), Bergen Flesland Airport (BGO), Stavanger Sola Airport (SVG), Trondheim Værnes Airport (TRD), Tromsø Langnes Airport (TOS), Kristiansand Kjevik Airport (KRS), Ålesund Vigra Airport (AES), Bodø Airport (BOO), Sandefjord Torp Airport (TRF), Molde Årø Airport (MOL), Harstad/Narvik Airport (EVE), Haugesund Karmøy Airport (HAU), Evenes Airport (EVE).


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