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Stay: just in timber lake in Norway; very special accomodation in Fetsund

Before Norway became prosperous (and especially wealthy) with the sale of oil and gas, timber export played a significant role in the economy. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Dutch, in particular, extracted large quantities of timber from southern Norway to build cities like Amsterdam. This led to the development of a vast infrastructure for logging and transportation.

A Norwegian landscape

A great deal of that industrial heritage has been preserved in Fetsund (Norway), a small town just outside Oslo. The tiny floating houses, originally meant for the workers who had to retrieve the floating logs from the water, are now available for overnight stays, marking a remarkable and unique accommodation experience. Wake up in one of the historic wooden bunkhouses near Fetsund, offering a breathtaking view of the Glomma River and picturesque surroundings. So it's not a timber lake, but a river instead, but I could not help the word play.

The green barrack for example accommodates up to 6 people, featuring 2 double bunk beds and is perfect for families. The blue barrack accommodates 2 people, equipped with two single beds and is ideal for couples or friends. Both barracks exude an authentic charm, furnished with a table, stools, and small shelves. Toilets are located a few meters away on the shore, and a basic pump shower is also available for use. The price (between 2000NOK and 2900NOK per night) includes a breakfast basket (typical Norwegian breakfast with rolls, eggs, cheese, ham, juice, etc.) delivered to your doorstep in the morning.


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