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Eat: a goat in a world of sheep; the best restaurant in Oslo

I am talking about head chef Axel Nordahl and his talented team of culinary wizards. Their restaurant takes its name from the street it occupies, affectionately known as 'Goat Marsh Street'. This is not any ordinary eatery; it's Oslo's finest culinary gem, standing out from the rest. Or as I put it in my title: a goat in a world of sheep. Ok, I said it. But there's more to unveil!

Oslo Skyline

You could read numerous newspaper articles to get a taste of their culinary prowess, but those accounts only give you a glimpse until you've truly savoured their gastronomic creations. So, instead of delving into the intricacies of their dishes or flavours, let me explain why this restaurant captures the essence of Norwegian dining (and maybe even the Norwegian spirit, if there is one).

It all starts with its unassuming location and understated charm. Nestled away from the city's hustle and bustle, it finds its place in a tranquil and captivating residential area. (If my memory serves me right, I believe the chef comes from these very surroundings.) There are no flashy signs of "food," "restaurant," or "luxury." If the blinds were drawn, you might even miss it altogether.

The interior design perfectly complements the exterior—nothing too showy or flamboyant, just tastefully refined. The tables display exquisite craftsmanship, as do the striking artworks. Exposed concrete takes the spotlight, in its natural state, untouched. But beyond all these elements, it becomes evident that this establishment revolves around culinary artistry and its devoted chefs. I guess that's why they've opted for a spacious open kitchen.

In addition to their meticulous work, there's a sense of joy behind the counter. Laughter fills the air, lighthearted banter livens up interactions with guests, and an unwavering enthusiasm permeates the dining experience and the moments between the twelve courses. The staff, for the most part, share a camaraderie akin to friends enjoying good company. The speakers gently whisper the sounds of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and 2Pac joined in on the stage too, bringing a broad smile to my face. Not because I'm a die-hard Metallica fan, but because they do things their own way, and they do it very well.

I understand it might seem a bit unlikely, but I stand by my belief that this place embodies the spirit of Norway. At first glance, it may seem unassuming and introverted, but once you step inside, you'll discover a world brimming with creativity, delight, and attentive service.

If you're planning a trip to Oslo and want to experience this culinary gem, I strongly recommend securing your reservation well in advance. The locals are well aware of Geita's charm, and the evenings tend to sell out consistantly, especially after I dared to call Geita the best restaurant in Oslo.

And if you were to visit Oslo for a few days, don't hesitate to let yourself be tempted to a few more great restaurants.


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